Why You Should be Buying Refinished Furniture

Find how why exactly you should be buying refinished furniture instead of brand new from the big box stores. Laure and I had NO money when we got married and definitely did not have extra cash to be furnishing our home with. Learn how this can save you money and get quality pieces in your home!

Learn How to Make Profit from your Garage

This is the first video of many to come. I want to teach you to make money from home by refinishing and flipping furniture, and building custom furniture pieces. Lauren and I started refinishing furniture in 2015 to pay off student loans. Once we got those paid off, we were all in and made it a business. We went from our home to a 1500 sq ft warehouse to a 2200+ sq ft warehouse and now we are teaching everyone the same formula we use to make an income on the side from home.